L.P.INTERNATIONAL CO.,LTD. (Japan) is doing recruiting and consulting to Japanese Company in Japan specially about IT Engineers (Programmer, SE, Networking etc.) including Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Others. But for other country like Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Korea, Middle East, etc.  mostly is General Workers, of course we are able to supply any type of categories upon employer's request. We would like to share our experience and technical ability in order to strongly support to our valuable customers always

Bangladesh is one of the most populous countries of the world. It is a developing country where labors still continued to be cheap (if internationally judged) as such it is quite capable of meeting the manpower demand of the rich developing countries. Our people are hard working, honest and intelligent.

The manpower export trade has developed tremendously in Bangladesh over the years. The reason for this is many.

It’s per capital income is one of the lowest in the world. Huge number of labor force can be gathered at short notice and made ready for export.

The dispatch is quick and their adaptability to changing working condition is excellent.

We are proud about our workers and best wishes to them on behalf of LP INTERNATIONAL which is well established manpower recruiting agency is made up of people with sufficient experience, rested capabilities, dedication and above all confidence. We are, therefore, confident enough to meet your demands both for skilled and un-skilled personnel to the best of your satisfaction.







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